Derek Jerome Stalin (2008)

Released November 3 2010
Catalogue #: IXT008
Original release: April 4 2008

Listen to the album on

  1. Big Chris (03:00)
  2. Shigella (03:00)
  3. Earth Trembles (03:00)
  4. Zmni Dentro (03:00)
  5. Give Smoke Some (03:00)
  6. Saippuakivikauppias (03:00)
  7. The Return of Amadeus (03:00)
  8. Shock (03:00)
  9. Narazus (03:00)
  10. The Empty Set (03:00)

Total: 30:01

Derek Jerome Stalin marked yet another shift in DJ Stalin’s style and quality as an artist. The music is still definitely DJ Stalinesque: small quirks here and there and the general unwillingness to adhere to western music conventions make it a fully fledged DJ Stalin album.

The album also marks a move towards live instrumentation, as the album opener Big Chris delivers a hard rock guitar line along with the electronic and industrial styles. Smoke Weed Touch returns to rap on Give Smoke Some, as well as performing a french horn solo on Narazus.

Derek Jerome Stalin is DJ’s shortest album to date.

Although it was re-released by Ixatla on a private tracker in November 2010, the album has always been available on


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