Love (2003)

Released October 2 2010
Catalogue #: IXT004
Original release: June 2003

Love is freely available at

  1. Kentucky (02:08)
  2. Decomposing Corpses (03:31)
  3. The Morgue (04:18)
  4. Mutilated Limbs (04:57)
  5. Rotten Flesh (03:31)
  6. Tormented Joints (05:24)
  7. Abused, Raped and Murdered (03:42)
  8. Nasty Dead Bodies (03:40)
  9. Let Me Eat You Alive (04:31)
  10. The Yesterday Song (03:55)
  11. Cannibals (05:02)
  12. The World Is So Beautiful (06:28)

Total: 51:11

In the early 2000s, DJ Stalin was on a creative streak which culminated in a trilogy of albums called Red Army, Mecalinereous Tebe and Love. DJ was never one to give a flying fuck, and did whatever he wanted: stealing, bending and destroying shit on his path to underground music dominance. However, where his two first efforts were largely a collection of stolen property or left-hand work, Love signalled a new turn in DJ’s adventurous career.

DJ Stalin recalls: “I had made it my trademark to steal the shit out of other artists, but on the third album I felt bored with this strategy. Every track, except The Yesterday Song, is a DJ Stalin original. Blood, sweat and tears went into the making of this 2003 masterpiece. The title of the album is an artistic choice of true irony, as it really counterbalances most of the song titles, which are, in the most cases, the opposite of love. I played with these contrasts to the fullest, resulting in a very daring album in every aesthetic way.”

Love is also currently the only album in which DJ Stalins himself participates on vocals.

Love was re-released by Ixatla on October 2 2010 on a private torrent tracker, to keep up the spirit of true underground which DJ Stalin pioneered. It was later released publicly on


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