Matriarch (2011)

Released April 26 2011
Catalogue #: IXT010

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Matriarch is also freely available at

  1. Mantua (20:00)
  2. Panarasham (03:42)
  3. Hubris (03:08)
  4. Madonna (04:17)
  5. Masonna (04:17)
  6. Shrimp Cocktail (04:17)
  7. Onychophobia (03:54)

Total: 43:35

Three years after releasing his last studio album, Derek Jerome Stalin, DJ Stalin returns in full force with the arrival of Matriarch.

From the epic, 20 minute opener Mantua to the paranoid claustrophic ender Onychophobia, Matriarch stands to be one of DJ Stalin’s finest works to date.

Matriarch on iTunes
Matriarch on
Matriarch on MySpace


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