DJ Stalin Goes Noise (2006)

Released November 2 2010
Catalogue #: IXT007
Original release: November 6 2006

  1. Theme from Pink Floyd (12:37)
  2. Pop Nouvelle (20:39)
  3. Sino-Belgique Rottweiler (28:06)

Total: 61:22

2006 was an extraordinarily busy year for DJ Stalin, in which he produced two studio albums and released an anthology of his first four albums from 2001 to 2006. The second and last album of that year was DJ Stalin Goes Noise, a first installment of a planned trilogy of concept albums where DJ investigates a certain genre.

As the name suggests, DJ Stalin Goes Noise is a noise music album, inspired by the likes of japanoise artists as Merzbow, Masonna, Hanatarash, Boredoms, Incapacitants and C.C.C.C. The first track, Theme from Pink Floyd, is a remix of the French hip hop track Bons baisers du poste by Les Sages poètes de la rue, while Sino-Belgique Rottweiler is a remix of an unknown Merzbow song.

The album was re-released by Ixatla on November 2 2010.


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