IV (2006)

Released October 31 2010
Catalogue #: IXT005
Original release: March 17 2006

  1. Gods Fear Me (06:54)
  2. Vengeance (05:52)
  3. Silece (05:09)
  4. Smoke Weed Touch Housing Things (05:07)
  5. Precious Little Bitch (08:53)
  6. Up in Flames (07:14)
  7. Afraid of the Children (08:39)
  8. Gunn-Anita (Machinations) (06:37)
  9. Born Again (06:12)

Total: 60:42

Three years passed between 2003’s Love and 2006’s IV, DJ Stalin’s fourth album. IV marked the most serious effort in the underground music scene by DJ Stalin at the time, as he did not steal any material this time around. Instead, every track is a DJ Stalin™ original, with the obvious exceptions of the cover songs.

IV contains some of the strongest DJ Stalin tracks to date, including the string piece Precious Little Bitch and the industrial anthem Afraid of the Children.

Up in Flames is a song written by the acclaimed filmmaker David Lynch and originally sung by Julee Cruise on the avantgarde musical play Industrial Symphony No. 1. DJ Stalin uses the lyrics and projects them over a completely new framework in this exciting cover. The other cover track on IV is Born Again, originally a metal song by Marilyn Manson from his album Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) from 2000. On this song, DJ transforms the brutal metal music into a piano piece, with a sore and emotionally vibrant vocal. IV also marks the first entry of the rapper Smoke Weed Touch into the underground music world.

IV was re-released by Ixatla on October 31 2010. As with the other re-releases, the location of the album on the web is hidden, but perfectly possible to attain if you are a true lover of music.


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