Mecalinereous Tebe (2002)

Released October 1 2010
Catalogue #: IXT003
Original release: June 2002

  1. Undoubtfully, I’m Back (02:52)
  2. Needless 2 Say, I’m Still the Best (10:30)
  3. Hookers & Pimps, DEAD (05:36)
  4. Gunn-Anita (06:43)
  5. Vertebra (04:48)
  6. Geriatrics (06:13)
  7. Nutriment (03:48)
  8. Scallop (02:05)
  9. Bedtime Stories (07:12)
  10. Incite (06:27)
  11. Spank (06:14)
  12. Order in the Courtroom, I Need 2 Play Cards (05:12)

Total: 67:43

After the success of 2001’s Red Army, DJ Stalin set out to complete a new studio album in 2002. The result was Mecalinereous Tebe, a quintessential collection of DJ Stalin’s skills as a thief at that time.

DJ Stalin recalls: “On the first album I stole tracks from Eminem and Nine Inch Nails, but I wasn’t entirely happy about just robbing them. On Mecalinereous Tebe I reintroduced the stolen goods along with a Pixies track and two different Nine Inch Nails tracks of the same song which were superimposed to create a new synthesis. In addition, I also nicked a piano piece from the video game Broken Sword. Almost all of the robbed songs are quite different from their original form on this 2002 masterpiece, and I take full responsibility for this creative master plan. Remember: the best artist steals from others and gets away with it.”

However, Mecalinereous Tebe is not entirely made up of stolen recordings, as the monster hit Bedtime Stories – a DJ Stalin original – confirms. Mecalinereous Tebe was the second part of the MP3 project which DJ ended with 2008’s Derek Jerome Stalin, and the final installment of the Stolen Goods duology.

Mecalinereous Tebe was re-released by Ixatla on October 1 2010 on a private torrent tracker, to keep up the spirit of true underground which DJ Stalin pioneered.


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