Smoke Weed Touch

Smoke Weed Touch

Smoke Weed Touch is a multi-talented artist playing the French horn, bass guitar and, on his solo project, performs rap. He was first active under his alias Smoke Weed Touch as a guest performer on the DJ Stalin album IV from 2006. He released his solo debut album titled One on June 30 2010.

Smoke was born Humphrey Nightingale Smith in East End; London. His family was on the move his entire life, explaining Smoke’s idiosyncratic mix of dialects. In addition to East End, he has lived in Bournemouth, Sunderland, Irthlingborough, New York City; US, Pretoria; South Africa, and Melbourne; Australia. He currently lives in Norway and studies Old Norse language.

About his solo album, Smoke has the following to say: “It’s a new style, a reinvention of hip hop. My genre is called “hop hip”, “entropic rap”, and “hardkore”. It’s quite exciting, really.”

Genre: Hip hop
Years active: 2006-


  • 2010 – One
  • Releases

    Smoke Weed Touch – Fairytale (single)

    Smoke Weed Touch – DJ (single)


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