Ixatla presents: Botox Bitches!

Ixatla presents our newest act on the label, the Botox Bitches. The duo is marked by their idiosyncratic masks and attitude, as well as their unrelenting music. Today they released their self-titled debut single. Check out the music video below:


Matriarch released!

Three years after releasing his last studio album, Derek Jerome Stalin, DJ Stalin returns in full force with the arrival of Matriarch.

From the epic, 20 minute opener Mantua to the paranoid claustrophic ender Onychophobia, Matriarch stands to be one of DJ Stalin’s finest works to date.

Download the album here!

  1. Mantua (20:00)
  2. Panarasham (03:42)
  3. Hubris (03:08)
  4. Madonna (04:17)
  5. Masonna (04:17)
  6. Shrimp Cocktail (04:17)
  7. Onychophobia (03:54)

Total: 43:35

Matriarch on Last.fm
Matriarch on MySpace


Ixatla has been through several changes lately. We have changed the domain, moved the databank and released several artists from their “commitment” to us. Ixatla is now 100% self-produced, in contrary to earlier when we used to promote artists we didn’t produce ourselves.

We hope this will strengthen our own image and move us further into the existence agitated by our own slogan: No compromise!

We have moved!

We have moved the web page to a new domain! Check it out:


As a result, this old web page will no longer be updated. Be sure to follow us over to the new domain, see you there!