Red Army is available on Spotify

DJ Stalin’s debut album Red Army is finally available on Spotify, not due to demand, but due to a carefully executed five-year plan.

Listen to Red Army on Spotify »

As in the case with the sophomore album Mecalinereous Tebe, Red Army from 2001 has not been widely available until now due to it’s notorious and criminal nature. In the original release, DJ shamelessly robbed Nine Inch Nails and Eminem, while pretending that nothing had happened. In this Legal Edition of Red Army, everything is in its finest order.

“Finally, the world is subject to my debut album from hell,” DJ says in a press release. “Red Army is the most underground album to ever be made, being printed in only one copy and not even listened to by myself. In an avantgarde move to practice fidelity to the thoroughly incompetent Soviet Union, the sound engineer on this record made a peculiar mistake: The original release consisted of nine tracks, with the ninth being a “hidden song” with no title. But due to some serious consuming of vodka or whatever, the resulting songs skipped to the previous track (the original first song, “Born in Georgia,” with acoustic guitar plucking, is actually lost forever, while the last track consisted of nothing but silence). The result was songs in the wrong track, with wrong time stamps. Peculiar indeed! In the Legal Edition this fact has been concealed, in the best Soviet style.”


  1. Born in Georgia
  2. Life
  3. The Politics
  4. Rise of the Red
  5. Revolution
  6. Red Shadow
  7. Schemes
  8. Red Army

The original album was released on CD sometime in the fall of 2001. As yet another emulation of Soviet incompetence, the image of Joseph Stalin was printed out with a sub-par printer, resulting in this … rendition (the original has been restored for the Legal Edition):

The original tracklist:

  1. Born in Georgia
  2. Life
  3. The Politics
  4. Rise of the Red
  5. Revolution
  6. Red Shadow
  7. Schemes
  8. Red Army
  9. Untitled Track

Read more about the original release of Red Army here.


Mecalinereous Tebe on Spotify


DJ Stalin’s 2002 album Mecalinereous Tebe is finally on Spotify and other streaming services. The version uploaded is dubbed “Legal Edition,” as the original version of Mecalinereous Tebe contained illegal usage of songs by Nine Inch Nails, The Pixies, and Eminem—as well as a piano piece from the game Broken Sword.

Mecalinereous Tebe on Spotify »

DJ Stalin himself is overjoyed by the fact that his sophomore album has finally been made available for the starving masses:

“My creative genius is undeniable, and you can trace its proud beginnings in this brave sonorous adventure from the year of our lord, 2002. I’m saddened by the fact that bastards like Trent Reznor, those Pixie fairies, and Eminem (or “Sleminem” as I am wont to baptize the pussy) have refused to acknowledge my superior versions of their mediocre songs. But it’s no use crying for spilt beans, at least you can now enjoy Gunn-Anita and Bedtime Stories in their full splendor.”


  1. Needless 2 Say, I’m Still the Best
  2. Hookers & Pimps, DEAD
  3. Gunn-Anita
  4. Vertebra
  5. Bedtime Stories
  6. Incite
  7. Spank

(Strangely, the titles containing commas have had the commas removed from the streaming services upon uploading).

To differentiate the Legal Edition from the original edition, a new front cover has been added, as seen above. See the original cover here:

IXT003 Mecalinereous Tebe

Original tracklist:

  1. Undoubtfully, I’m Back
  2. Needless 2 Say, I’m Still the Best
  3. Hookers & Pimps, DEAD
  4. Gunn-Anita
  5. Vertebra
  6. Geriatrics
  7. Nutriment
  8. Scallop
  9. Bedtime Stories
  10. Incite
  11. Spank
  12. Order in the Courtroom, I Need 2 Play Cards

Notes from Ixatla: track 1 contains the piano piece from Broken Sword. Track 6 contains a backwards edition of Closer by Nine Inch Nails. Track 7 contains a transposed version of Infinite by Eminem. Track 8 contains a distorted edition of Where Is My Mind? by The Pixies. Track 12 contains two versions of The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails superimposed on each other, from the eponymous album and the release Still.

Ixatla is currently trying to get DJ Stalin’s debut album, Red Army from 2001, released as well. But it’s notoriety is of such a magnitude that it will take longer time, or maybe not be allowed a general release at all.

DJ Stalin back on Spotify

DJ stalin is once again back on streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music. All his magnificent albums, with the exceptions of the illegal releases, are now available to everyone with Internet access and not living in a totalitarian dictatorship.

Listen for yourself and enjoy this historic moment:

Love (2003)

IV (2006)

Zuki: The Least Worst Hits of DJ Stalin (2006)

Derek Jerome Stalin (2008)

Twaung (The Very, Very Sick People) (2010)

Matriarch (2011)

Removal (2012)

Removal released!

Niggaz & niggarettes, the day you have been waiting for all your life is finally here!

DJ Stalin’s eighth studio album, Removal, is out!

Check out the goddamn album on Spotify.

  1. Epic Intro (1:01)
  2. Sztekeléng (5:15)
  3. Surround Haptics (3:01)
  4. The Coolest Show in Town (3:45)
  5. Machine Hog (3:15)
  6. African (3:32)
  7. Fastfood (3:14)
  8. Chinese Niggarette (3:35)
  9. Gunn-Anita (Hansen) (4:39)
  10. Crush (3:50)
  11. Celine Dion (4:41)
  12. Removal (4:04)
  13. Epic Outro (1:25)

Total: 45:17

New DJ Stalin album revealed: Removal

Our biggest star and diva (in tough and bitter competition with Smoke Weed Touch on the latter), the cocksucking mother of God himself, DJ Stalin, has been so kind so share with us his endless wisdom in the last 11 years. And by the way, he has revealed a new album titled «Removal». The new album is part industrial, part breakcore and part power ballad, and is due some time this summer. DJ likes to keep things shrouded in mystery.

DJ himself has the following to say: “As with all my genuine masterpieces, «Removal» is a sonic dropkick in your face. It’s unpolished, unfinished, rude, coarse and abrasive. And a lot of fun. From Hungarian killer tunes and big band swing with scat singing owls, to African chanting and Aaron Carter squealing. It’s bound to be a great underground hit this summer.”

Tracklist on «Removal»:

01 Epic Intro
02 Sztekeléng
03 Surround Haptics
04 The Coolest Show in Town
05 Machine Hog
06 African
07 Fastfood
08 Chinese Niggarette
09 Gunn-Anita (Hansen)
10 Crush
11 Celine Dion
12 Removal
13 Epic Outro

Stay tuned for this monster hit this summer! The album will be released on Spotify,, MySpace, and probably a lot of other streaming services too.